Saturday, September 22, 2012

See Ya Latah!

Ok I've been thinking...I'm paranoid and don't want my life out there for just anybody to read! Mostly I don't want my kids' info out there for people to nab and then steal their identities and then leave them a legacy of debt. Yeah it's far fetched, I know, but I haven't posted about life's awesomeness in a while because I keep going back and forth...and because I totally slacked off, but we'll blame it mostly on the former.

So I just totally went (unnecessarily) all out and made a new blog. Here it is!

It's private. So now I can write to my hearts content and I have no more excuses for slacking. Dang, am I sure I really want to do this? If you want to join email me with the email address you want to use to view it and I'll hook you up!